Friday, May 30, 2008

Small World

I have met my goal of having visitors to my blog from over half of the states and twenty countries from every continent (except Antarctica, of course). It's the visitors from all over the world that amazes me and shows how the web can bring people together, even when far away.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

My Monkey

Today Costas reached the top of the refrigerator by standing on a stool, climbing up the front of the fridge by holding onto the handles, then grabbing the top of the fridge. I walked in the kitched just as he reached the top. The goal: candy.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Nice Hike

The kids and I went on a hike during the week with some friends. The weather was just right. The trail followed a nice little creek. There were lots of ladybugs along the trail, and a caterpillar too. We had a nice time. (I don't like the picture of me, but the boys look cute.)

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Before our trip to Hawaii, I asked Costas what he wanted to do in Hawaii. He said that he wanted to see a coconut tree. So, if you look in the tree, you can see lots of coconuts. Since Tom couldn't come at the last minute, my mom flew down instead and met us there. She surprised me by bring along my niece, Tierra. Costas had a great time playing with her. We went on a submarine ride that went under water to a depth of 130 feet. The pictures aren't great, but it was really interesting to be so far under the water. We saw lots of fish and a sunken ship. The hotel in Maui had a pirate pool which was a great place for little kids to play. Costas loved going down the water slide. My mom was able to spend time with Actaeos and Costas. Everyone loved the swimming pools, even Actaeos.
After Maui, the kids and I headed to Kauai. We went up to this canyon, which was beautiful. Unfortunately, there was vog (from the volcano) so it wasn't very clear. Here is a picture of the beach in front of our hotel. We saw a Hawaiian monk seal on the beach. There are only 35 of them left in the world.
Overall, it was a great trip. Costas loved the swimming pools, water slides, and the beach. The only hard part was getting there and back by myself. On the way home, we had a 1 hour flight, a 5 hour lay over, a 5 hour red-eye flight (I didn't sleep at all), then a 6 hour drive home (I stopped for short 5 minute power naps). We are happy to be home!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Chicken Nugget Comparison

I always feel a little guilty because Costas eats chicken nuggets for lunch a few days a week. He loves them and I know he will eat a good portion. I always buy the Chicken Drumettes from Trader Joes which are made with white meat and are all natural, but I thought I would try out the Morningstar Chik'N Nuggets, which are made from soy protein. As for a taste test, Costas didn't seem to notice a difference, although he didn't eat as much of the soy nuggets. I preferred the real chicken. Then, I compared the nutritional guidelines and was surprised to find that the real chicken nuggets had less fat and calories than the soy (TJs: 150 calories/6 grams of fat; MS: 190 calories/7 grams of fat). The Morningstar also costs more. So, back to TJs for more chicken nuggets and all of the other food that we love there.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Sitting Up

Actaeos is now sitting up without support for a short time. It's not his favorite position; he prefers to be on his tummy so he can get around. He likes his toys, but he prefers his big brother's toys, which he isn't allowed to play with.
Actaeos is getting bigger everyday. He also has another new tooth for a total of two.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Costas is 4!

For Costas' 4th birthday, we had a knight birthday party. I sent out invitations printed on parchment paper, which were rolled up and tied with ribbon. At the party, I had lots of activities with a knight theme. The kids all received a blow-up sword and a cardboard shield, which they decorated with jewels and markers. Next was the dragon bean bag toss. Later the kids went to the backyard to search for the dragon's eggs, which were actually geodes. After find the eggs, I broke each one open to find the crystals inside. The kids all enjoyed waiting to see what their crystals looked like. We then went outside to hit, or slay a dragon pinata; Costas calls it a kinata. Lunch was served somewhere in between the activities, and included chicken wings and pizza. Next was the cake which I assembled that morning. I used 2 13x9 inch cakes. I cut the center out of the top layer. I used upside down sugar cones for the turrets, with flags made from construction paper and toothpicks. I used frosting for the moat door and fruit roll-ups for the banners. I took some of Costas' knight Legos and put them on top. It looked pretty good and it actually tasted good as well. Last, Costas opened his presents. He liked everything that he received. He said that his favorite gift was his skateboard, which he has been wanting for a long time now. I think the kids enjoyed playing with their swords most of all. When the kids left, they received goodies from Oriental Trading Company. There was a treasure box with stickers, sword bubbles, and castle frames. They also took home their swords and shields. When I asked Costas what his favorite part of the party was, he said "playing with the kids." I hope Costas will remember what a fun birthday party he had.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Baby's First Tooth

Actaeos' first tooth just emerged. He sometimes bites when nursing, so he will now get a firm 'no' when he tries it now. I love baby picture with new baby teeth, but it's still too small to get a picture of it.