Wednesday, January 16, 2008


We went to Cancun for 12 days, staying at the Grand Oasis Resort. It was all-inclusive which was convenient and the food was pretty good. There were 12 restaurants, so there was lots of variety. Room service was also included so we had lunch in the room a few times. Costas loved having dessert with lunch and dinner everyday since we rarely have dessert at home. We had a junior suite with a big jacuzzi bathtub.

Here's a picture just after Costas was yelling to the people below from our balcony. He yelled, "Hello, I have a toy and a stick!"

Everyday we went to either the beach or the both, sometimes both. The beach was great; the sand was so fine. The water was a nice temperature, although I never went in past my knees. Costas like rolling in the sand to the water, but didn't like to go very deep, even with Tom. His favorite activity at the beach was playing with his action figures. They had all sorts of fun adventures in the sand. He loved to bury his toys in the sand, which were difficult to find because he would forget where he buried them.

Tom and Costas also went in the pool, but the water was a little cold for me. They swam and played ball.

We saw iguanas everyday. We got very close to them. We didn't touch because we thought iguanas might bite. After going online, I discovered that iguanas do bite and they have very sharp teeth. Yikes!

We only left the resort once, and that was for me to swim with the dolphins. It was a nice experience. My favorite part was the foot push where two dolphins pushed me across the pool by pushing my feet. We went really fast!

Overall, we had a great trip!


Lorraine said...

great pics. the dolphins sound soooo cool! i want to go on vacation!!!

madgav said...

Wow, looks like a lot of fun. I am so jealous. I love Cancun. I love the sand picture.