Monday, July 14, 2008

Summer Break?

Summer is supposed to be relaxing, but I think I have too many things going on for Costas. Twice a week he has a soccer class (we always leave early because he is too hot). Once a week he has two other classes through the school district, and swimming lessons. Throw in playgroups with MOMS club and birthday parties and it seems as if we are never home. Then we have our usual errands to run. The worse part is the heat and air quality. It's been around 100 degrees (even hotter last week) and the air quality is horrible. It's even worse than usual because of all the fires throughout the state. We can't go to the park, or do anything outside. I really don't like summer. I can't wait for cooler weather.

On a nostalgic note, I have been watching some home videos from New Hampshire. I really do miss it there. We had a great house, with great neighbors, set in a beautiful forest. We picked berries in our yard, found bugs and snakes, and enjoyed nature just by going outside. I miss all of my friends there and Costas had some friends there that he could have grown up with. If you are a friend from NH, I miss you!


Barbarito Family said...

Sorry that the summer is so hot. That really stinks. For the record the Barbarito family misses you guys living here, a lot.

Lorraine said...

oh we miss you too! i was picking some blueberries between our yards last night.

Lorraine said...

ps where are the fires in relation to where you live? how many hours away?

Lorraine said...

i was just outside w diane and yolanda and her dog walked by (she got out by herself; haha) and she said that she thought of you when she saw diane talking to me.

we all miss you :(!
i will call you soon to catch up; feel like we havent talked in a while!