Monday, September 1, 2008

Washington Trip

Roller skating for the first time.

The rock wall at the park.

Actaeos' first time on a swing. He later fell asleep in it.

Julian and Costas checking out a fuzzy white caterpillar.

My dad and Actaeos.

We finally came back from our trip to see my parents in Washington state for 2 weeks. They live in the country so it was a great experience for Costas. We spent most of our time outside looking at slugs, spiders, and insects. We walked on little trails through the forest. My dad had Costas looking for "hondasaabs" which are little tiny people who take care of the forest. We went to a great park that overlooked Puget Sound. Costas enjoyed playing in the rain. It was chilly so we enjoyed wearing warmer clothes.
Unfortunately, while we were there my nephew, Kai, broke his leg. He has a cast on his entire leg and won't be able to stand for 7 weeks. He is the same age as Costas. Hopefully he will be able to walk soon.
We had a great time. We can't wait to go back next summer.


Barbarito Family said...

Sound like you guys had a great time. The boys are so handsome.

How did Costa like roller skating?

Barbarito Family said...

I was just playing around. It's back to normal now.

kelly said...

Looks like lot's of fun, especially wearing warmer clothes! Peyton loves the swing too!

Mom of 3 Boys said...

HEY!!!! we keep playing phone tag but we will have to catch up this week.
aj starts school tomorrow!
the pics were great here and i am glad you had fun.
what did tom do