Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Into the baptismal font three times.

Oil is placed on his body.

His hair is cut three times.

More prayers.

His first Communion.

We had Actaeos' baptism on Sunday. It was a beautiful day and a beautiful ceremony. The godparents are friends of ours, Selene and Alex. We had a few friends from church in attendance and lots of children. It was small which was nice. The priest explained parts of the ceremony as he went along. Costas was able to stand right at the font when Actaeos was put into the water, which was sweet to see. Actaeos cried most of the time. Mostly it's because he has lots of stranger anxiety right now and doesn't want to be held by other people. The ceremony has many parts. For those of you who haven't been to a Greek Orthodox baptism (that would be most of you), I'll summarize the ceremony.

We walk into the church from the back while some prayers are said. We then take off the baby's clothes and immerse him (not his head) three time in the baptismal font. He is then anointed with olive oil that is applied to his hands, feet, ears, and mouth. Then the godparents put oil on his entire body. Three locks of hair are cut from his head. Then his new white clothes are put on him. He then receives Holy Communion for the first time. Next, we all walk around the font to celebrate. Each component of the ceremony has meaning and is rich with symbolism. I am so happy that he is finally baptized!


Mom of 3 Boys said...

cassie!!!! i guess i havent seen a pic of YOU in a while! I LOVE the new haircut. you look younger.

does your church normally wait till the babies are a year old or was it just convenient for you? we waited till aj was 9 mos and then patrick was 6 mos only b/c we wanted the same outfit to fit and paf was bigger. HAHA!!!!

why are the locks of hair cut? did you have to cut all his hair after to make it even?

Tiffiny said...

Awww, how sweet. Congratulations. I bet the ceremony was beautiful. I've only been to one baptism...My own. And well, I don't remember that one much. ;) Thank you for sharing the pictures, they are wonderful.

Guess what my verification word is? costr! So close to Costas!