Friday, December 26, 2008


Ready to open presents!

Santa brought Actaeos a sports climber so he can have some fun at home.

Costas opened all of the presents. Actaeos wasn't interested.

Costas is now ready for a 16" bike. It was raining on Christmas day so he had to wait to ride it.

Costas loved his new digital camera. He is always borrowing mine so now he has his own. The present that he plays with the most is the Moon Sand.

Actaeos isn't thrilled with Cookie Monster.

Hanging out in the sports climber.

Santa didn't bring Actaeos any candy, but he sure would like some.


Korey said...

poor A...mean santa, no candy! haha!
nice pics :)

Tiffiny said...

Oh my gosh...Seren wanted the Moon Sand too. My grandparents didn't get it for her for Christmas, but did afterwards. Funny the stuff kids like. ;)

Lorraine said...

you are more adventurous than me! new years background...haha! you still have to change again in a week ;)
but i think you need white writing instead....
that 'korey' comment was from me too, not really korey.
also did you get rid of cats yet? i think both of us are not meant to have pets!

kelly said...

Jacob has those same penguin jammies! Also, we have moon sand all over the kitchen floor as we speak! Pretty cool stuff.