Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Last night was Christmas Eve. We went to church. We then came home and made sticky pecan rolls for breakfast the next morning. Costas helped knead the dough, punch it down, and sprinkle on the cinnamon and sugar. We then left out a cookie and milk for Santa, as well as food the for reindeer (oatmeal with colored sugar).

Now, it is Christmas! Costas loved all of his presents. He also enjoyed opening presents for Actaeos. Some of Costas' presents were a wooden car that can be reassembled, a skateboard, a Playmobil castle, and Spiderman toys. Once he opened one present, he was anxious to open another one. Actaeos obviously didn't care about anything.

Tom bought me an iPod Nano. I was really surprised because I never told Tom that I wanted one, but I always thought an iPod would be fun to have. Now that I have started working out at the gym again (just once), it will come in extra handy. I was practical like usual and bought Tom noise-cancelling headphones for when he travels. He liked them. The boys bought him a pop-up Star Wars book, which will be great for them to share.

Unfortunately, when I get caught up in the moment I forget to take pictures, so we don't have much from unwrapping, although I did videotape part of it.


Lorraine said...

nice on the ipod!!!! have fun downloading music now too