Saturday, December 29, 2007

Presidential Primaries

I finally decided that I am going to vote for John Edwards in the presidential primaries, which are in February in California. I really like how he supports environmental issues. I'm not an environmentalist, but it's important to me that my kids live in a healthy environment with plenty of natural resources and clean air. Living in Fresno, I can see how pollution can make a big impact. So many kids here have asthma and there are days when we can't go to the park. Also, every year there is less and less snow falling in the mountains, which means less water for us as well. I like his stand on other issues as well. His website is


Lorraine said...

you are a little voter-go-getter! our primary is coming up soon here and korey and i will be voting for not only different people but different parties. ha!

i got a xmas card from my friends bill and hillary this year. i hung it up as you entered the dining room. Korey's mom said that she hoped i wasnt planning on voting for 'my friend'....well i guess that is why we all get a vote in the USA!! ha!