Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Don't Eat Your Vegetables

OK, so the hiding vegetables in food is a good idea, and it sometimes works, but usually not. I have put carrot puree in pancake mix which was tasty. I also added carrots to jarred marinara sauce, which was good too. Then comes the cauliflower. It is white, which is a good color to blend with in food, but the taste is way to strong. I followed the recipe in Deceptively Delicious and put it in eggs. The results-extremely disgusting to the whole family. I put cauliflower in boxed macaroni and cheese-yuck. I put it in some muffin, following the recipe-again, yuck. Tom told me that he isn't going to eat at home anymore. Costas says, "I don't like it" way to often. I'll keep experimenting, but I think I am done with cauliflower and may not puree again, until it's time to make baby food.


Lorraine said...

hmm maybe you are putting too much cauli in there. try less??? but we like cauli here so....