Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Don't Eat Your Vegetables

OK, so the hiding vegetables in food is a good idea, and it sometimes works, but usually not. I have put carrot puree in pancake mix which was tasty. I also added carrots to jarred marinara sauce, which was good too. Then comes the cauliflower. It is white, which is a good color to blend with in food, but the taste is way to strong. I followed the recipe in Deceptively Delicious and put it in eggs. The results-extremely disgusting to the whole family. I put cauliflower in boxed macaroni and cheese-yuck. I put it in some muffin, following the recipe-again, yuck. Tom told me that he isn't going to eat at home anymore. Costas says, "I don't like it" way to often. I'll keep experimenting, but I think I am done with cauliflower and may not puree again, until it's time to make baby food.


Mom of 3 Boys said...

hmm maybe you are putting too much cauli in there. try less??? but we like cauli here so....