Saturday, March 22, 2008


We took our first trip to Legoland this week. We all had a really good time. On the first day, we began with the rides near the entrance of the park which was a mistake. I always like to look for tips before I head to an amusement park. I read online that the lines weren't too long, so it doesn't matter where you start, but they were long on Thursday. The advice wasn't very good. One nice thing about Legoland is that there are either Legos or a play area for the kids to go to while the parents wait in line. Not so fun for the parents, but good for the kids. So we wasted an hour and a half on 2 mediocre rides, but it got better after that. Costas was able to drive his own car on a road without a track. He loved it! Then we headed to the pirate area. Costas went on a log ride. He also was on a ship that went around while we squirted people with water. There was a great water play area there, so he was there while I waiting in line. Luckily, we brought swim trunks. Next was the area with knights, which Costas is really into now. There he rode on the dragon rollercoaster, which is pretty fast. The last ride was a new ride where we rode a jeep and shot lasers at mummies and skeletons. We stopped at miniland on the way out where entire cities are made out of Legos, like this photograph of Las Vegas. We didn't have time for everything, so we had to come back the next day.

This time I used a better strategy and headed straight back to the knights. There were no lines, so we went on all of the rides there a few times. We also learned about parent swap, where one parent rides with the child, and then the other parent switches and rides with the child, so one can hold the baby. This way Costas could ride 2 times in a row, without waiting in line again. Unfortunately, I didn't know about this the day before. We then went to the area where the kids build and test their own Lego cars. Costas spent over 2 hours in this section. It was his first time playing with small Legos. We saw a 4-D movie which was surprisingly good, with snow falling from the sky and water splashing on us. We headed back to the land of the pirates to ride what we missed the day before and go to the water area again.

We spent the entire day there on Thursday and Friday. We were the last ones to leave the park on Thursday. We were all very tired. We then drove home, which was 5 hours away, as soon as we left. The kids slept the whole way home, with some baby breaks.

I thought Legoland was great, and I think Costas agrees. It's nice because a 2 year old can have a great time, as well as a 10 year old. Since Costas was over 40" tall, he was able to go on most everything. Hopefully we can head back again soon.


Mom of 3 Boys said...

you should put this review on a review site. great job explaining.

Cassie said...

I just did. Good idea

kelly said...

Wow, my kids love legos. we have been wanting to take them. They also love Star Wars and Lego Star Wars. Jacob loved the pic with Costas and Darth Vader.