Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Boyden Caverns

Costas was nervous to enter the cave. He thought that a bear lived there.

He quickly got over his fear and enjoyed the cave.

He really wanted to wear these socks.

Afterwards we had a picnic near the river. Costas threw in rocks and Actaeos played with the sand.


Barbarito Family said...

Oh the boys would have loved going there too. It looks and sound like fun!

Sarah said...

Hey Cassie, you've been tagged in the alphabet game - you're letter is "H" Have fun :)

Pictures are great - we took our boys through a tour in a cave last spring, and they loved it!

kelly said...

We love Boyden Caverns! We camped in Kings Canyon last summer and stopped there on our way home. No bears, but we did see a bat hanging from the ceiling!

Mom of 3 Boys said...

cant wait to see what you do for H and who you pick to do I!

also did you see that lenore has a blog now?

Tiffiny said...

Well...Seems clear to me that we did a good job at The Discovery Center to tells the kids that bears sleep in caves. ;)