Sunday, August 10, 2008

Farewell Fishy

We have had a pretty blue beta fish, named Fishy, for well over a year now. Today I went upstairs to take care of Actaeos. When I came downstairs Costas was hiding and there was water on the counter by the fishbowl. I then noticed that poor Fishy was resting on the bottom the bowl. Costas then admitted that he took Fishy out because it looked interesting. I was hoping that it would be OK, but the fish was obviously dying. At this point I am crying (pathetic to some, but it's a living being - WAS a living being). We then flushed Fishy down the toilet because I couldn't watch it suffer anymore.

What was most upsetting is that Costas wasn't sad at all. I explained that Fishy was a living being created by God and that we are sad when anything dies. I guess he didn't get it because he was pretty excited that we were flushing Fishy down the toilet. We did say a little prayer before we flushed it. Farewell Fishy.


Mom of 3 Boys said...

Poor fishy!!!

Your 'old' house just got some guineau pigs the other day...we went over there since they had the new pets outside. I told AJ to look at the pets he 'gets to see at the Boucher house' (because you know they sure as heck aren't coming here!).

Another rainy day here today. Don't worry Cassie, Wed will be sunny here. Yep, another ONE day of sun for the week, like last week.

Tiffiny said...

Oh no! I'm not quite sure whether to chuckle at this or not. Funny that he had the reaction that he had. But so sad that Fishy is gone! We have done through many animals in our home...But that doesn't make each one any easier.

Hugs to you!