Friday, February 8, 2008

4 Month Checkup

Actaeos had his 4 month checkup today. He weighs in at 17 lbs., .5 oz. which is the 90% percentile. He is 26" long, which is also the 90% percentile. His head circumference was in the 50% percentile. I compared him with Costas at the same time Costas was exactly the same length and head circumference, but Costas weighed 1 1/2 lbs. less.


Mom of 3 Boys said...

korey just said that A has your eyes. I thought so too.

kelly said...

He is so cute! He definately has your eyes. In a way I can't wait for Peyton to get past the newborn stage, but only in a way! I am really holding onto every moment that I can! I'm looking forward to seeing him in real life soon, maybe at baby storytime Wednesday?