Saturday, February 9, 2008

Snowboarding Mishap

Tom went snowboarding yesterday at Sierra Summit. On his last run he fell pretty hard and broke his wrist. On his way down the mountain, he called me to tell me that he broke his arm. I didn't believe him, until he told me to meet him at the hospital with his insurance card. I met him at the hospital and saw his arm in a sling. His arm was deformed in the shape of an 's,' as you can see in the picture. It made me queasy just looking at it. The poor guy didn't get pain medication at the ski resort, so he went over 3 hours in severe pain. It was determined that he has a complex fracture. They pumped him up with morphine and set his wrist. He has a temporary cast on now and will see an orthopedic specialist on Monday to see if surgery is necessary. We will see if he tries snowboarding again next year. Fun times.


Jro said...

From Joanna - Lorraine's friend. My Arthur and I are avid skiiers but I would not let him snowboard without getting a helmet, wristguards & knee pads. I am sure it saved him! You should see big grown men fall - they look like wet noodles. Sorry about the break! Men are just little boys in large bodies. :-) Happy healing.